Chris-Marine & IOP Marine are the major international specialists in supplying high-quality maintenance machines for diesel engines. We work closely with acknowledged engine builders in the development of quality solutions for the maintenance of slow and medium speed engines.

Experienced developers

All Chris-Marine machines are exclusively designed and manufactured in our own state-of-the-art plant in Malmo, Sweden. The design office is staffed by experienced engineers and equipped with the most efficient 3-D CAD programs for drawing and testing. We are focused on grinding, milling, lathing and measuring equipment for valves and seats, seat recess surfaces between cover/liner/engine block, honing machines etc. Furthermore, engine repair services, machine operator training and specific problem solving work is all included in our core activities.

Fast power units and patented fuel injector equipment

IOP Marine is a leading supplier of hydraulic power packs (HPU’S) and fuel injector test equipment (VPU/VPA) for 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines.

Through the years we have been developing, improving and enlarging our product range. Today, we are the only approved and recommended supplier to MAN Diesel’s two and four-stroke engines within our market segment. Our products include valve pressure test units for optimal injector performance, test rigs with patented operator guiding system and high pressure units for quick loosening of cylinder covers etc.

IOP Marine's HPUs are reliable portable pneumatic / hydraulic power supplies for use in workshops, on ships, in factories and at power plants.
VPU series fuel injector test solutions provide quick and reliable testing of 2/4 stroke diesel engine fuel valves and safety valves with air-powered test rigs.
The HON S deglazing and honing machine is designed and developed for easy operation directly on the engine or in honing rig. The process of honing rectifies the shape of the liner, returning it to circular shape, it also removes scuffed areas and restores the surface cross pattern.
The BSP is an electrically driven machine for grinding of valve spindles on high and medium speed diesel engines. The machine is available in semi- or fully automatic versions and comes delivered with precision settings for required grinding angles and can also be adjusted by the operator.

We also supply solutions for engines from Wärtsilä (SULZER), MaK, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce and others. Our solutions are continuously developed in cooperation with engine makers, ship owners, power-plants and workshops.

Superior repair and maintenance services

Technical Service and Applications is established to increase the professional marine diesel engine maintenance and offer technical support, machines, turn-key solutions and training within 24 hours on-board, at powerplants and in workshops.

Professional and certified crew

Our TSA Crew is carefully recruited and well trained, experienced, dedicated and certified experts with many years of experience as marine engineers, chief engineers and work managers at leading shipyards, and offers a wide range of problem shooting, technical support and maintenance. They are also certified for installation of our partner’s high quality products requiring supe¬rior precision installation, commissioning, overhaul or repair.

Worldwide workshops

The TSA Crew operates from worldwide workshops fully equipped with Chris-Marine and IOP Marine maintenance equip¬ment, where we can offer complete technical support.

Our stationary workshops are located at Chris-Marine headquarters in Sweden as well as in Singapore, Shanghai and the Bahamas.