This week, IOP Marine opens a new showroom at their facilities in Brøndby, Denmark.

The room features many pieces of IOP Marine signature equipment, such as the fuel injector test rig for workshops, the VPA 1100, the new VPUD 1100 SV, with a unique operator guiding system for onboard use and the hydraulic power unit, and the HPU 2250, giving visitors a unique possibility to get hands-on experience with the products.

Popular opening

The showroom is intended for multi-purpose use and will play host to visits from external buyers as well as the in-house training of new personnel. According to managing director Jens Groth: "The showroom is a much sought-after necessity among IOP Marine’s personnel and regular corporation partners." The first internal training session took place before the final touches had been made and within the first week of the opening, Wärtsilä Norway will visit IOP Marine for a closer inspection of their newly ordered products.

Want to see the machines?

The showroom is situated within IOP Marine’s production facilities in Denmark and can be visited within normal working hours as long as prior arrangements have been made with either the technical department or any of IOP Marine & Chris-Marine’s sales managers.

For more information call +45 4498 3833 or e-mail: