On January 10th, Chris-Marine and IOP Marine were invited to host a seminar at the new MAN academy facilities in Copenhagen as a part of an internal MAN engineer training course.

Sales director Jens Groth introduced the seminar with a presentation of the engine care products Chris-Marine and IOP Marine have to offer, which was followed by an in-depth presentation on cylinder liner maintenance by technical director, Anders Gustafsson.

The seminar was concluded by a practical session, where the approximately 50 participants were shown five parallel demonstrations of some of the Chris-Marine and IOP Marine equipment, such as the new VPUD 500 GI, the VPUD 1000 + PPMI 1000-4, VPA 1100-5, HON S, and the FPT.

The demonstrations received great feedback from the participating MAN engineers, who believed them to be both interesting and educational.