IOP Marine, Denmark, has launched a range of ultrasonic cleaning tanks for both workshop and onboard use. The series consists of three choices of cleaning unit capacity, and includes important features such as a surrounding transducer set-up and patented frequency sweep to ensure optimal cleaning throughout the tank.

The ultrasonic cleaning tanks offer a solution to the cleaning requirements of both power generation and marine industries catering for both onboard cleaning of smaller engine parts, e.g. fuel injectors, as well as for workshop cleaning of larger engine parts such as pistons, inter coolers and cylinder heads.

Powerful generator and unique transducer set-up

The powerful generator system offers a patented frequency sweep for uniform and intense cavitation. With its efficient energy transfer, the generator requires no forced air cooling and directs energy directly into the transducers.

The surrounding transducers are made of high quality phosphor-bronze/silver construction in order to minimize heat buildup, thus extending the life of the transducers and piezo electric crystals. The transducers are produced to a unique patented design that minimizes cavitation erosion and provides high energy all round cleaning performance operating at a frequency of 30 kHz +/- 2. The system features unique ultrasound "bar" transducers opposed to "cone" transducers resulting in 50% greater contact area with the outside surface.

The transducers generate ultrasound waves that vibrate the cleaning fluid at very high velocity, which creates the cavitation process. Millions of tiny bubbles implode within the solution and penetrate into every orifice of the item being cleaned, thereby removing dirt and grime in a fast, yet careful way.

Specially designed cleaning tanks

The onboard cleaning system with lids and overall dimensions of 84 X 80 X 70 cm is specifically designed for use in the engine room and features 2 cleaning tanks that are operated independently from the external control panels, thus enabling separate washing methods to suit both sturdy and fragile engine parts. The custom-built work baskets allow for superior cleaning of complex and fragile engine parts such as injection nozzles, lube oil filters and fuel and pump parts that can be cleaned without damaging the fine elements.

The workshop cleaning systems can be ordered in 2 different sizes: for larger engine parts such as cylinder heads, inter coolers and pistons, IOP Marine offers the Ultrasonic 4600 cleaning tank with internal dimensions of 240 X 130 X 150 cm featuring 192 surrounding transducers ensuring highly efficient cleaning as well as superior performance and long life for the cleaned engine parts.

The smaller workshop version Ultrasonic 1000 has internal dimensions of 100 X 100 X 100 cm and features 72 surrounding transducers.