Marine Diesel Finland is a privately-owned company specialising in maintaining, repairing and installing ship diesel engines, propulsion equipment and engine room components, as well as deck machinery.

Established in 1992, Marine Diesel Finland has more than 20 years of experience and 40 employees, who provide high-quality maintenance, repair and installation services for the global marine industry at competitive prices.

Always focused on the quality of our work, we are ready to send our specialist repair team 24 hours a day. We can operate in shipyards, ports and even when sailing, in order to minimise your downtime.

Diesel engines, propulsion equipment and engine room components

Marine Diesel Finland specialises in turnkey service. Our equipment and service capabilities include:

Marine Diesel Finland specialises in diesel engine installation, maintenance and repairs.
We have more than 20 years of experience serving the global marine industry.
Our specialist repair team can be deployed 24 hours a day.
Marine Diesel Finland is a dealer for CAT engines.
We carry out conservation work in the event of engine room fires or flooding.
Our services include engine crankshaft bearing bore measurement.

Onboard engine maintenance, repair, installation and modernisation:

  • Serviced high-speed and medium-speed engines
  • Marine dealer for CAT engines
  • Spare-part supply logistics
  • Conservation work after engine room flooding or fire

Propulsion equipment maintenance, repair, installation and modernisation:

  • Reduction gears and clutch / couplings
  • Propeller shaftlines, alignment and installation
  • Resin chock castings
  • Shaft-sealing works
  • CP and FP propeller works

Engine room auxiliary systems:

  • Fire safety systems
  • Other ship machinery systems

Rudders and rudder machinery:

  • Transverse thrusters
  • Steerable thrusters
  • Podded propulsors

Deck machines:

  • Anchor windlasses
  • Rope winches
  • Deck cranes

Subcontracting newbuild shipyards in Finland:

  • Commissioning and start-up of systems
  • Installation work
  • KEMEL shaft seals and bearings sales / service in Finland
  • Ingersoll Rand pneumatic starters sales / service in Finland

Workshop services and engine machinery

Our workshop services include:

  • Engine component machinery
  • Two lathes for turning
  • Milling machine
  • Cylinder liner honing machines
  • Cylinder cover machining tools
  • Portable boring machine
  • Magnetic drills
  • Fuel equipment test room
  • Ultra-sonic cleaning of charge air coolers
  • Engine component washing units
  • Engine component NTD testing
  • Complete engine external washing
  • Assembly area and component store
  • Welding and grain blast workplace
  • Engine testing
  • Water brake and no-load test run for propulsion engines
  • Seven service cars and two lorries

Specialist services, engine room measurement and testing

Our advanced services include:

  • Laser alignment devices, two sets in use
  • Coupling alignment
  • Engine crankshaft bearing bore measurement
  • Big diameter flange straightness
  • Vibration measurements
  • Noise measurements
  • Material surface hardness
  • NDT testing
  • Resiliently mounted engine re-alignment
  • Resin casting of engines and shaftlines
  • Shaftline alignment and drilling
  • Engine block on-situ drilling
  • Engine room conservation work after fire or flooding