"A key component of our campaign to raise awareness of Precision Products’ unique brand has been the August launch of our completely new website," says Scott Rhodes, managing director, "and there are several important messages that I want to send to potential customers who don’t know us yet."

The MD highlights three of these. One, the company’s piston rings are the components of choice among leading engine manufacturers, meeting the needs of both MAN Diesel & Turbo and Wärtsilä direct, as well as a host of other aftermarket engine needs through its dealer network formakers such as Daihatsu, Deutz and MAK, to name but a few. The company is actively seeking to extend its direct relationships with licensees in the after-sales service and new build sectors.

Secondly, although the company’s principal business is manufacturing piston rings for two- and four-stroke marine diesels, it also supplies a wide range of metallic sealing rings for compressors, valves and other key industrial applications.

Thirdly, unlike most of its competitors, Precision Products offers fast response times for bespoke products and product development incorporating new materials or requiring specially formulated machining techniques.