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Piston Rings for Bore Engines

Precision Products (UK) (PPUK) designs and manufactures piston rings at its facility in Chesterfield, UK. The company has a proven track record and extensive experience across a range of materials, product types, geometrical specifications and coating technologies.

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Precision products

Precision Products UK (PPUK) designs and manufactures piston rings.

The company has a proven track record and extensive experience across a range of materials, product types, geometrical specifications and coating technologies.

Maritime OEM and aftermarket supplier

PPUK develops and manufactures piston rings for major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the aftermarket in the maritime industry.

Precision Products UK (PPUK) supplies class-leading two-stroke and four-stroke piston rings to the marine market.
The company's products range from less than 25mm to 980mm in diameter.
PPUK offers a wide variety of coatings and joint configurations for the entire range of known and future marine applications.
The company has a fully equipped laboratory lead by a recognised PhD expert in the piston ring material and coating fields.
In-house hard chrome and ceramic chrome coating facilities offering maximum versatility to meet a whole range of customer demands and specifications.
PPUK provides an impressive range of plasma and the latest high-velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF) surface coating solutions.
PPUK’s manufacturing facility is configured for optimum flexibility to satisfy the immediate demands of a time-sensitive market.
PPUK's fully stocked distribution centre is supported by a dedicated team of distribution professionals to complement the speed and flexibility of its manufacturing facility.
The company is accredited with the ISO: 19001 certification.

The company produces solutions for current and future medium to large bore engines up to 980mm in diameter.

This product range ensures PPUK has the ideal solution for all new build, engine service and refurbishment demands. The company’s application expertise ensures it can develop solutions to meet the unique demands of shipowners.

Global distribution of piston rings

PPUK has an extensive stock of two-stroke and four-stroke engine piston rings. Its global distribution centre can support a full range of customer demands with regular distribution to more than 50 countries worldwide.

World-class capabilities and development facility

With world-class capabilities, PPUK is working with the industry’s leading new build and aftermarket customer base.

The company provides an array of services to its customers, with a combination of technological know-how, process capabilities and application knowledge.

PPUK’s development facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments lead by a recognised world expert in piston ring sealing and material technology.

Surface-coating technologies

Offering an extensive range of surface-coating, geometrical and material technologies, PPUK is able to optimise the performance of its piston ring solutions.

PPUK ensures both durability and dynamic sealing efficiency are optimised to address many of the challenges facing the maritime industry, including fuel efficiency, time between overhauls and driving emissions, in order to meet current and future legislation.

Piston ring development and processes

Product and process development is all undertaken at the company’s facility in Chesterfield, UK, alongside PPUK’s extensive production facility. This allows the company to quickly develop and deliver solutions to its clients.

PPUK’s core strengths, speed and flexibility, make it the development partner of choice for many customers in the industry today.

Research partnership for future piston ring requirements

PPUK is also leading the way with future technologies by engaging in a research partnership with a top-five UK university.

The partnership extends the company’s development reach into materials and surface coating technologies with the university’s extensive materials and tribology research departments.

The relationship will place PPUK at the forefront of future piston ring application demands, and reduce the environmental impact of its products.

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    Established in 1994 in Chesterfield, UK, PPUK has expanded rapidly as our reputation has grown within the industry, becoming a world leader in the supply of piston ring and metallic sealing solutions.

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    A piston ring is a piston ring is a piston ring, or at least that's what most people think. But what it's made of, how well it's engineered and how effectively it seals the combustion chamber, transfers heat from the piston to the cylinder wall and controls lube oil consumption, are key in engine efficiency and power output.

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    Precision Products is keen to raise brand awareness amongst those companies which build engines under license in major shipbuilding countries, including South Korea, China and Japan. "We have a target to grow the business we do directly with such licensees to around 25% of our turnover," says Scott Rhodes, Precision Products' MD.

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    Precision Products sees its apprenticeship programme as central to the company's future, and managing director Scott Rhodes is determined that the unrivalled expertise of its senior engineers is passed on to its next generation of industry specialists.

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    Developing new markets and growing the customer base are two key aspects of Scott Rhodes' corporate plan for Precision Products. With almosttwo decades of experience in systems engineering, including roles in the automotive and aviation industries, the new Precision Products managing director took charge from January this year and he has clear ideas of how he will take the company forward.

  • PPUK Website Receives Upgrade

    "A key component of our campaign to raise awareness of Precision Products' unique brand has been the August launch of our completely new website," says Scott Rhodes, managing director, "and there are several important messages that I want to send to potential customers who don't know us yet."

Precision Products (UK) Ltd
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