Benefit from long-time quality measurements of the engine combustion process with a unique new handheld high performance cylinder pressure indicator. This MIP system will be the handy, safe and most trusted tool.

It is increasingly important to ensure compliance with emission regulations, green visions and global cost pressure. One important step in this direction is to optimise the settings of the engine and thus reduce the fuel consumption. This will increase efficiency and reduce emissions and wear.

Setting and balancing the engine to ‘most efficient’ loads requires the right tools – most importantly it provides clear insight into the quality of the combustion process within the engine.

For many decades the mechanical indicator was a dear friend to chief engineers on board most ships. The indicator allowed the engineer a first look inside the engine. This in addition to a deep knowledge about engine working principles, together with a fine ear lead to the conclusion: this engine runs perfectly. The mechanical indicator may have given usable hints about engine performance but nowadays it is not enough to completely optimise the combustion process.

New electronic controlled as well as conventional engines – which are running NOx optimised – show a burning process very different from the well-known indicator diagrams from the past. Electronic MIP systems are replacing the mechanical indicators and are now becoming the preferred tool.

For chief engineers still relying on mechanical indicators it may well be time to observe the heartbeat of your engine and to discuss the result with experts by use of so-called electronic MIP systems. SELCO is the key partner and provides a competitive MIP solution – the EngineEye.

The SELCO EngineEye system with unique sensor performance

Benefit from long-time quality measurements of the engine combustion process with the first handheld high performance cylinder pressure indicator made by SELCO. The new system is specially made with focus on usability and performance.

The SELCO EngineEye is the MIP system for all large engines no matter if they are running with HFO / MDO or even LPG or natural gas. As long as they are equipped with an indicator cock. Whether for the demanding marine market with harsh conditions on ships or for the power plant market, the SELCO EngineEye will be the trusted tool for all engineers. It will help provide information for misfiring analysis and cylinder balancing of the engine in a higher quality than previously seen.

Due to a unique sensor technology based on the crystal GaPO4 with excellent linearity and extremely low thermal drift, the new system allows for long-term pressure readings. The sensor may be left on the open indicator cock for hours. This gives the possibility of tuning the engine while measuring continuously.

The ‘safe pressure sensor’ design is another feature of the SELCO EngineEye. The patented technology ensures that the sensor will stay sealed even in the unlikely event of a membrane collapse; this allows for uninterrupted operation of the engine, with maximum safety of the operator.

The special built-in charge amplifier sensor technology prevents problems with plugs and cables, known from other earlier products. This will dramatically minimise the ‘later-on-costs’.

Further, the crank angle can be measured with a newly designed crank angle sensor
belt with the highest resolution and applicable for all shaft diameters. Due to the unique design of the crank angle sensor belt, installation can easily be made by ships’ crews themselves, reducing expensive installation costs.

Automatic sensor recognition and automatic synchronisation with PC software allows for safe and easy use.

Transfer of readings for diagnostics

It will be more and more essential to have reliable data about the engine condition ashore for analyzing and comparison purposes. The EngineEye system is delivered with powerful software including TDC and ISO correction. Data is visualised on graphs and will become available trended by time.

The software displays the information and the results can be compared with historic results or with other reference values. The results may be stored, printed and can be e-mailed ashore. A major benefit is the possibility of sending data values from the ship to the superintendence for deeper diagnostics.

The new solution is easy to install and needs no maintenance. All together the SELCO EngineEye is an intuitive system giving high resolution data that are required for cost efficient and safe engine operation.

Strong and easy with no service demand

SELCO EngineEye will assist in preventing unplanned downtime. Even though the system is very reliable, has a rugged design and a self-explanatory user interface, service and advise is as natural as future upgrades.

Functionality checks can be easily done on board by use of standard tools. Simply check on your own the accuracy on board. And no regular calibration procedure is necessary. This makes costly return of the instrument to the manufacturer. Unnecessary however, on the other hand it will of course be a service offered by SELCO.

This new tool will assist the vessel in becoming green. Ensure optimized engine settings and minimize the downtime of your valuable engine. Improve the engineer toolbox and include the EngineEye!