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Littelfuse SELCO

Electronic Monitoring and Protection Systems for the Shipping Industry

Betonvej 10,
PO Box 113,
4000 Roskilde,

Betonvej 10,
PO Box 113,
4000 Roskilde,

Littelfuse SELCO is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic relays and equipment for control, monitoring and protection of power generators and industrial processes.

Since the 1960s, Littelfuse SELCO’s technology has provided the electrical power generation market with high-class equipment, meeting the major international standards. All products hold major marine-type approvals.

Littelfuse SELCO’s products are designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions and made to match the toughest marine and offshore applications. With its headquarters based in Denmark and locations in Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore and Mumbai, Littelfuse SELCO offers a wide-range of products across four main areas:

  • Engine and generator control
  • Engine diagonistics
  • Process alarm solutions
  • Arc fault protection

Engine and generator controls for marine applications

Littelfuse SELCO’s generator protection, control and monitoring range includes equipment for generator sets such as marine gensets, emergency gensets, and gensets in container enclosures or power plants. Synchronising, frequency control, voltage monitoring, load sharing, power management, engine control and much more is also available.

One of the company’s most popular items is the C6200 generator controller (FlexGen). The C6200 provides load depending start and stop, automatic synchronisation and active / reactive load sharing for one diesel generator (three phase). The C6200 will also ensure that the generator is always operating at the nominal speed / frequency – no matter the load.

Diesel / gas engine control and protection is also offered, with Littelfuse SELCO controllers, monitoring and protecting engines used in marine applications such as auxiliary generators, emergency generators, harbour generators or engines for propulsion. The company’s M2500 engine control and monitoring unit performs this task with ease for both marine and land applications.

Handheld engine diagnostics unit for ships

Getting your engine running to its optimum levels of performance and efficiency requires careful balancing and tuning using purpose-built tools.

With Littelfuse SELCO’s E5000 handheld EngineEye unit, you can record quality measurements of the engine combustion process with this unique precision indicator of cylinder pressure. It is compatible with all large engines, no matter if they are running on HFO, MDO, LPG or natural gas, as long as they are equipped with an indicator clock.

Modular process alarms for ships

The Littelfuse SELCO’s range of process alarm solutions includes advanced alarm monitors as well as simple indicator panels for monitoring current, temperature or pressure, to name but a few tasks.

All units provide a modular approach to building large-scale alarm system and are ideal for surveillance of relay contacts as well as analogue signals from accessories such as temperature and pressure transmitters. Logging and serial communication can be enabled through a built-in interface.

Littelfuse SELCO has a wide range of products in this sector. The M1000 is an alarm monitor capable of surveying the state of up to ten potential free contacts. Its inputs can be used to monitor both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts. A built-in relay provides an audible alarm through control of an external siren.

The Littelfuse SELCO M3000 is a compact 24-channel analogue alarm annunciator. The M3000 is ideal for surveillance of temperature sensors, pressure sensors and any other kind of sensors providing a signal within the range of 0-20mA, 0-10VDC or 0-30VDC.

Another of Littelfuse SELCO’s alarms, the M4200, is often used in power plants, ships and industrial processes with a demand for a high level of run-time security as well as personal safety.

Arc fault detection equipment for ships

An arc fault is properly the most destructive fault scenario that can occur within an electrical installation. Arcs develop when the insulation between conductors are broken down sufficiently to leave an ionised channel which can carry current.

If the switchboard is capable of supplying enough energy, a run-away reaction can occur – if this happens the current heats and ionises more air, carrying even more current, heating up and eventually boiling the conductors and causing explosions. Damage can be so extensive that it will take days or even weeks to repair, not to mention the more serious risk to personal safety.

It is not generally possible to extinguish a developing arc, but the damage can be limited by cutting the power to the switchboard as soon as possible. In case of an arc flash fault, Littelfuse SELCO’s D1000 system detects and generates a tripping pulse in less than one millisecond. This tripping pulse is taken to the circuit breaker(s) that controls the supply to the installation.

Littelfuse SELCO’s range of arc detection equipment includes various relays and sensors reacting on light intensity, designed to protect your investment, and could save your life.

Optimise the Performance of Your Engine

Benefit from-high quality measurements of the engine combustion process with a unique new diagnostics tool. EngineEye is intuitive, handheld and will save you maintenance costs.

Littelfuse SELCO Releases Free White Paper

Littelfuse SELCO, a manufacturer of electronic monitoring and protection systems for the shipping industry, has released a free white paper on Ship Technology.

SELCO Releases Free White Paper

SELCO, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-tech solutions to the marine and offshore market for decades, has released a free white paper on Ship Technology.

Downtime Avoided With Arc Fault Protection from SELCO

When power protection is evaluated the need to consider arc fault events is often neglected. However, the risk is at a high price when it takes so little to be safe. Explosion risk and costly downtime can be avoided with the SELCO D1000 system. An arc fault can have numerous causes, bu

Optimise the Heartbeat of Your Engine with the SELCO EngineEye

Benefit from long-time quality measurements of the engine combustion process with a unique new handheld high performance cylinder pressure indicator. This MIP system will be the handy, safe and most trusted tool. It is increasingly important to ensure compliance with emission regulation

Littelfuse SELCO

Betonvej 10

PO Box 113

4000 Roskilde