Benefit from high-quality engine process measurements.

EngineEye is an intuitive, handheld, high-quality engine diagnostics system that will give you dramatic savings on maintenance costs.

Maintenance programmes for larger internal combustion engines include periodically monitoring the combustion process. This is done by taking pressure readings on the individual cylinders and analysing them.

Analysing the pressure readings alone can give the engineer a good indication of whether the cylinder is performing as expected, and if not, then the readings can also indicate the problem so the engineer can react in time. With EngineEye you can run the engine and set the operation parameters.

Whether in the demanding marine market with its harsh seafaring conditions, or in the power plant market, the Littelfuse Selco EngineEye is the trusted tool for all engineers. It provides a much higher quality analysis for misfiring and cylinder balancing in the engine than ever before.

Unique sensor performance
The EngineEye is a very reliable tool for easy engine diagnostics. This type of MIP system is for all large engines no matter if they are running with HFO / MDO or even LPG or natural gas, as long as they are equipped with an indicator cock.

The new system has been specially designed with focus on usability, safety and performance. It has a handheld unit with a large display where the operator can work with the intuitive software, even with gloves on. Furthermore it also comes with a patented rugged pressure sensor and optional sensor belt, top dead-centre sensor and crank angle belt

The pressure sensor has an insulated handle design for safety, and the patented sensor ensures that the sensor will stay sealed even in the unlikely event of a membrane collapse. The sensor may be left measuring on the open valve, allowing for simultaneous engine tuning. The engine can thus work uninterrupted while you tune and balance during operation.

The system has automatic sensor recognition and automatic synchronisation with PC software, where all measurements stay read-only in the handheld instrument.

The special built-in charge amplifier sensor technology avoids problems with special plugs and cables, which will dramatically minimise maintenance costs.

The crank angle can be measured with a newly designed crank angle sensor-belt with the highest resolution and is compatible with shaft diameters. Due to the unique design of the crank angle sensor-belt, installation can easily be made by ship’s crew, reducing installation costs.

Transfer of readings for easy diagnostics
The EngineEye system comes with powerful software including TDC & ISO correction. The software displays the data and the results can be compared with past results or other reference values. The results may be stored, printed and can even be e-mailed to the head office for deeper diagnostics.

Altogether the Littelfuse Selco EngineEye is an intuitive system giving high-resolution data, required for cost efficient and safe engine operation.

Strong with no service demand
Low maintenance costs are always a great benefit. The Littelfuse Selco EngineEye will help you prevent unplanned downtime, and avoid calibration procedures and costly return of the instrument to the manufacturer. Functionality checks can be easily done onboard using standard tools.

The new solution is easy to install and demands no maintenance. The system is reliable, has a rugged design and a self-explanatory user interface. Run the engine with optimised settings and minimize the downtime of your valuable engine. Include the EngineEye on board!