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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Service Provider for Combustion Engines and Components

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STORM is an OEM-independent service company for combustion engines and their components. The company also offers comprehensive and professional consulting services.

STORM is proud to be a medium-sized, family-owned company, and one of the largest European service and maintenance companies in the sector. With over 75 years of experience in the field of engine service, STORM is a fast, flexible and reliable company.

Quality combustion engine servicing

Our customers’ high-quality installations require regular preventive maintenance to avoid costly shutdowns and downtimes. As a result, we provide site visits across the world to fulfil this service. We continuously work based on the highest quality requirements, in compliance with legal occupational safety regulations in all operating areas.

STORM is an OEM and independent service company for combustion engines and components.
The company provides servicing both at its plant in Germany and onsite around the world.
The MOBIS® mobility service system is STORM’s service package for mobile and marine power stations.
As part of the MOBIS service, STORM can provide mechanical machining in-situ.
Other services include the inspection and maintenance of ship engines.
The company provides overhaul services for marine gears, turbochargers and pumps.
Our production and repair service includes the grinding of crankshafts up to a length of 8,000mm.
Site visits to locations worldwide help avoid costly shutdowns and downtimes.
STORM supplies high-quality spare parts.
Overhauled replacement engines are also available.

Our certifications, according to ISO 9001 and SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors), guarantee independent manufacturer quality of the highest level.

We ensure compliance with current standards in the areas of health, safety and environmental practices through continuous training and education of our employees.

Service and supply of ship power systems and components

The company provides a range of different services focused around servicing, sales and customer service. These include:

  • Maintenance of stationary energy systems
  • Maintenance of mobile and marine power systems
  • Maintenance of reciprocating piston compressors
  • Mechanical machining of engine parts and components
  • Spare parts sales
  • Sales of overhauled engines and certified components

Service centre for mobile and marine power systems

The MOBIS® mobility service system is our service solution for mobile and marine power stations. Here, we offer maintenance of diesel engines for mobile and marine power systems, as well as sales of engines and spare parts.

With individual maintenance contracts available, the company provides:

  • Mechanical machining in-situ
  • Damage and cost analysis
  • Service for injection pumps and industrial pumps
  • Overhaul and maintenance of all common diesel engines up to 7,000kW, onsite or in our plant
  • Repowering, upgrading and optimisation of ships
  • Overhaul of all common gas and diesel engines in our plant and onsite – worldwide
  • Mobile services in-situ
  • Line boring of bearing bores up to a length of 11,000mm
  • Machining of cylinder liner seats in our plant and in-situ

We provide complete supervision during all phases of the project, and offer a quick and economic service, with flexible solutions during laydays available.

STORM also offers consulting for repowering projects as required.

Onsite and plant-based engine and component overhaul

The MOBIS system also includes the overhaul of engines onsite and in our plant. STORM provides overhaul services for marine gears, common turbochargers and industrial and feed pumps. The company also supplies spare parts and certified exchange parts to facilitate this process.

STORM provides a 24/7 telephone service, so we can help our customers at any time on any day. We also offer delivery and repowering of new engines once they have been sufficiently overhauled.

Servicing Wärtsilä Deutz marine products

We also provide a specialised version of the MOBIS service for Wärtsilä Deutz® marine products. This includes:

  • Maintenance and service for Deutz and Wärtsilä marine main and auxiliary engines in the European inland shipping area
  • Spare parts and components for all Deutz marine diesel engines
  • Mobile services onsite

Service centre mechanical machining

STORM also provides the PRODIS® production and repair service, which involves the following:

  • Overhaul and production of engines and components
  • Complete capacities for mechanical machining of components
  • Grinding of crankshafts up to a length of 8,000mm
  • Drilling and laser measurement of bearing bores up to a length of 11,000mm in-situ and in our plant
  • Reconditioning of engine blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, cylinder liner seats with L and Z rings, valves, valve seats and pistons
  • Mobile precision tools

Fast international supply of quality spare parts

Through our IQ-PARTS® service, we offer a fast and reliable supply of spare parts and spare part kits. This includes:

  • Complete sets of spare parts for minor and major engine overhauls and individual maintenance kits according to customer requirements
  • Comprehensive range of exchange parts
  • Complete gasket sets for engines and components with immediate delivery for all current engines

This service is provided with fast and flexible overnight shipping.

Reconditioned spare parts and engines

STORM’s service for reconditioned spare parts and engines, RECON®, includes:

  • Service and consultancy for the sourcing of all engine parts and components
  • Reconditioned engines for inland shipping and ocean shipping, stationary energy systems etc.
  • Reconditioned and certified engines and components
  • Oil coolers, water pumps, injection pumps, pistons, cylinder heads, turbochargers etc.


  • Silver Cloud Expedition Cruise Ship

    Operated by Europe-based privately owned luxury cruise line Silversea Cruises, the Silver Cloud Expedition cruise ship embarked on her inaugural expedition voyage from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Antarctica in November 2017, after a two-month refurbishment.

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