FREQUENTIS Delivers Lifesaving Control Centre Communication to New South Wales Coastline - Ship Technology
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FREQUENTIS Delivers Lifesaving Control Centre Communication to New South Wales Coastline

Australia’s Marine Rescue New South Wales (NSW) selected the Frequentis integrated maritime control centre solution to enhance its emergency response to save lives on the water.

The new integrated maritime control room technology from Frequentis will allow marine rescue radio operators and rescue vessel crews to respond more efficiently to boaters in distress.

Marine Rescue NSW has 45 rescue units along more than 2,000km of the state’s coastline, inland on the Alpine Lakes and Murray River and now on Lord Howe Island. The service’s volunteers responded to 235,000 marine radio calls last year and launched more than 2,500 rescue missions, returning 6,000 boaters safely to shore.

Marine Rescue NSW director operations, Andrew Cribb, said every minute could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency on the water, stating: “We need absolute confidence that we can not only answer boaters caught in a potentially life-threatening situation but also that our crews can be on the way to help as quickly as possible. By choosing this solution from Frequentis we will ensure Australia’s leading volunteer marine rescue team has the most up-to-date equipment to handle emergency situations and feel confident that they have crucial information at their fingertips.”

The Frequentis maritime solution, MarTRX™, is an integrated solution for control centres, covering Search and Rescue (SAR), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), and Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS). It provides a unified, intuitive user interface and optimised workflows that make it easy for operators to achieve situational awareness, handle ongoing events, streamline decision-making, and adhere to organisational rules and best practices.

Ruth Trojan, Frequentis head of maritime Australasia, noted that the solution was put into a production environment where operators could give valuable feedback and their requirements could be further assessed. This close collaboration with all stakeholders allowed finetuning of the highly configurable system to MRNSW’s needs and the essential radio communications to help vessels in distress could be delivered.

“We understand safety-critical industries and the role technology plays in empowering Australia’s heroes out on the water, putting their safety at risk every day to rescue Australians. The software solution will help enable control centre operators and crews on the frontline to access and communicate critical information with speed and ease. We are delighted to support Marine Rescue NSW’s mission to save lives on the water, providing a solution that improves incident response time and quality,” says Khashayar Saravandi-Rad, Frequentis vice-president maritime.

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