After lots of consideration, we’ve decided on a new name for our existing FLEX.ISIC products.

We wanted a name that emphasises the ruggedness and durability behind all ISIC products, combined with a focus on the extreme versatility of our design concept for space-saving, all-in-one panel PCs. Thus, as from August the 25th 2008, FLEX.ISIC products will be known as DuraFlex units.

We’ll be using the following system to denote individual product configurations, with xx indicating the size of the panels and monitors (in inches) and – for the PC units – the chip set used:

  • DuraPanel xx for complete panel PCs
  • DuraMon xx for monitors
  • DuraPC xx for PCs

The DuraFlex range – and the thinking behind it – are an important part of the compact, cost-effective and ultra-reliable ruggedised systems that we want to provide for our customers in the future.

If you have any queries about what this name change might mean for you, please get in touch with our director of marketing and sales, Søren Kræmmergaard.