ESC Global Security does not hire nor rent out weapons, which has been checked and verified by several flagstate authorities who have licensed ESC Global Security and also UKAS accredited ISO 28000 with ISO PAS 28007 auditors.

BIMCO recently informed all shipowners about its concerns that some PMSCs may be operating contrary to the provisions of GUARDCON.

The EUC’s for embarked ESC Global Security weapons are always available and are without any exceptions licensed to ESC Global Security.

BIMCO received reports that a small minority of PMSCs may be operating contrary to the provisions of GUARDCON.

These companies are leasing / renting weapons to other PMSCs. Those renting / leasing from third parties without the required licences and permits issued by state authorities to control the handling and movement of weapons are likely to be in breach of the original "end user" licences and therefore operating illegally.

PMSCs who engage in this practice are potentially in breach of their obligations under Clause 10 (Permits and Licences) of GUARDCON. PMSCs renting / leasing weapons are potentially in breach of the UK Proceeds of Crime Act and other similar international laws.

The motivation of these PMSCs is to undercut their competition in an increasingly competitive market by slashing weapons-related logistics costs.

BIMCO urges owners and operators, particularly those with long-term contracts with PMSCs, to exercise due diligence in checking that their chosen security company is operating in accordance with valid permits and licences as specified in Clause 10 of GUARDCON.