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ESC Global Security

Maritime Anti-Piracy Security Services

ESC Global Security is one of the world's leading private security companies, providing high-standard and privately contracted security solutions for vessels sailing in high-risk areas around the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea.

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ESC Global Security

ESC Global Security is one of the world’s leading private maritime security companies, providing high-standard and privately contracted security solutions for vessels sailing in high-risk areas around the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea.

We offer state-of-the-art security risk management based on the ability to define risk, assess security weaknesses and opportunities, and to choose the best security option for each client. The result is a focused maritime security solution that saves the customer time and money, while efficiently delivering success.

Maritime and anti-piracy security in the Indian Ocean

ESC Global Security provides a fully customised maritime security service in correlation with the actual threat risk. The package of services includes a balanced mix of on-site training, operational security techniques and tactics, non-lethal counter-measures and armed response.

ESC Global Security is:

  • Ready to legally embark and dispatch security teams from all the major harbours in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea regions
  • Licensed by governments around the Indian Ocean
  • Supported by professional indemnity insurance up to $5m
  • Committed to using deterrence primarily and force only as a last resort
  • Always following and exceeding the latest best management practices (currently BMP4)
  • Composed of European ex-military and law enforcement personnel with extensive experience from NATO, EU and UN missions, as well as vessel protection operations
  • An ISO 28007 security company

Vessel preparation and security measures

Our principles of vessel preparation for security include:

  • Physical hardening of the vessel (according to best management practices)
  • Security drills conducted with the crew of the vessel
  • Training levels of security teams always meet high international standards

Our principles for the use of force include:

  • Early and active use of visible, non-lethal measures
  • Clearly defined warning procedures
  • Use of lethal force is always the last resort

Flexible security services for high risk areas

Here’s what makes us different from other private maritime security companies:

  • Serving a wide range of clients, from small fleets up to the biggest ship management companies worldwide
  • Vetted by numerous respected flag-states, ship managers and P&I clubs, with a 100% success rate
  • First and currently the only company licensed to provide security services on Belgian flagged vessels
  • Currently serving approximately 35 vessels in each given month, enabling us to offer the most competitive rates without sacrificing quality
  • Highly trained and directly hired and vetted personnel, with extensive experience from NATO, EU, UN and ATALANTA missions
  • All teams have 24/7 access to medical consultancy service via radio
  • Thanks to the experienced staff in our operational centre, we can board our teams within 48hr notification time. Needless to say, our personnel are familiar with all flag-state regulations and can therefore send out the requested paperwork within hours of appointment
  • Fully licensed and legally procured weapons and security equipment, all duly licensed to ESC Global Security
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified, accredited member of SAMI and signatory of iCoC
  • Contractually engaged with MSS Global to undertake the conformance assurance assessment of the ESC management system against the demands of ISO 28000:2007 with ISO PAS 28007:2012 in early July
  • Fully insured and compatible with Bimco Guardcon contracts
  • In the maritime security market since early 2010, the company itself was established in 1992

ESC Global Security Services Brochure

Established in 1992, ESC Global Security is a leading private security company providing high-standard and privately contracted security services for ship and offshore industries.

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