On the 30 August, ESC’s security team on-board a German cargo vessel rescued two castaways, one Swedish and one Russian citizen, who were drifiting on a small rubber boat in private waters.

The couple, Stefan and Lana Jerkander, were sailing from Croatia to Thailand, while after only six days in the middle of the Red Sea their catamaran sank rapidly. Since the incident occurred in a high-risk area the security team had to evaluate the overall situation, to ensure that the particular situation is not fake, simulated by potential pirates. STL made a decision to advise the master that the rescue operation could be executed without any additional risk to the vessel or crew.

In a joint statement Stefan and Lana Jerkander said: "In spite of the fact that it was pirate water, the captain and his crew, after long and thoughtful research, rescued us from a probably sure death.

"One of the reasons the captain was able to make such a decision, was the security from ESC. We feel that their presence made it possible for us to get rescued and survive.

"These three men met us with professional respect. Even as long as we were suspected persons we felt safe in their closeness. We felt they had 100% control over themself and over the situation. Also, during the trip through pirate water, we felt very safe with them on-board.

"We just want to send a special thanks to them and wish them the best."