In Novermber 2016, Guardian’s barriers prevented the hijacking of the Maersk Contonu by preventing pirates from accessing the deck.

Had the Aris 13 been fitted with our Guardian anti-piracy barriers the ship would have been protected from illegal boarding, protecting vessel, cargo and crew, thus saving the shipping company possibly millions of dollars of ransom and lost cargo, and the crew possibly many months of captivity in fear of beatings and possibly worse.

Shipping companies must take responsibility for their vessels and crew and it’s time to take a comprehensive overview of methods to protect their assets. Many companies are still gambling on getting through HRA’s with minimal protection. This is no longer good enough.

Mariners shouldn’t have to put their freedom on the line to earn a living. They deserve to work in a safe environment and be protected from risk.

We at Guardian stand proudly beside our strapline, which proclaims ‘Safeguarding Seafarers Worldwide’. We are working tirelessly to get Guardian onto as many vessels as possible to take care of our mariners, who bring in over 90% of good consumed by British consumers alone. The world would be a very different place without them transporting our good across the globe, but they get very little recognition for all their hard work.