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Guardian Maritime

Anti-Piracy Protection for Ships

Guardian Maritime design and manufacture the GUARDIAN anti-piracy measure for ships.

PO13 9NU United Kingdom

Guardian Maritime Limited

Guardian Maritime designs and manufactures the GUARDIAN anti-piracy measure for ships.

Easy-to-install and effective at preventing access to ship decks, GUARDIAN is quickly replacing razor wire for blue-chip shipping companies worldwide.

Guardian Maritime holds the patents for the GUARDIAN design in the UK, the US, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, with several others pending in nations worldwide.

High-density, rigid barrier for ship crew safety

The measure is produced in three different locations from a specifically designed compound, which forms a high-density, rigid barrier with extreme UV protection.

Long-lasting, adaptable deck protection

GUARDIAN will outlast razor wire by five years, saving time and money, while ensuring crew safety.

Compliant with BMP4, the device will fit any ship size or shape. It easily covers railings, chocks and fairleads, and enables for speedy and safe removal.

Safe-to-handle, environmentally friendly components

With GUARDIAN, crew members no longer risk cuts / infections or spend thousands of man hours installing and removing razor wire.

Sections required for loading, unloading, and tying up the ship can be removed and replaced safely in minutes, without injuring crew members.

Unlike razor wire, GUARDIAN can be recycled by regrinding the compound for use in other products, which lessens the impact on the environment.

Effective piracy prevention

GUARDIAN’s effectiveness was demonstrated during a pirate attack off the coast of Nigeria on 4 May 2013.

The attack on CMA CGM Africa Four was unsuccessful due mainly to the installation of GUARDIAN.

GUARDIAN has currently prevented the capture of 65 seafarers.

About Guardian Maritime

Guardian Maritime’s first installation took place in September 2012, and its orders are increasing every month.

The company’s client base includes some of the largest shipping, container, tanker, and oil and gas drilling companies in the world.

The company’s agents in the Middle and Far East strive to improve service for a growing list of clients.

Guardian firmly believe in attention-to-detail, and are happy to discuss with clients any special requirements they may have.

GUARDIAN Ship Protection System

Piracy at sea has been a problem for hundreds of years. In recent years piracy has extended far off the Somalia coast into the Indian Ocean and is now escalating on the west coast of Africa, Indonesia and Central America.

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