Aboa Mare’s new course will train you how to survive in extremely cold circumstances.

In the Arctic circle, specialist skills are needed in emergency situations. Maritime Academy and Training Centre, Aboa Mare, and the Academy of Professional Safety have collaborated on the Arctic Polar Code Survival Training. This partnership has created the Arctic Polar Code Survival Training course, which is organised by the Academy of Professional Safety and has been added to the Aboa Mare course selection.

The course takes place outdoors in Kittilä, in the Finnish Lapland during the wintertime. Its duration is 48-72 hours. The course objective is to learn how to survive five days without assistance in freezing -30°C temperature, as you may need to do after a shipwreck or in other circumstances.

Participants will be trained on how to survive in extremely cold temperatures in emergency situations. Other course topics include using essential safety equipment and tools, assisting others and how to lead operations in exceptionally demanding circumstances. Debriefing and analysing one’s own actions in different situations are also an integral part of the course.

The course is in compliance with the polar code regulations that govern the minimum requirements for personnel training on skills needed in arctic circumstances after potential ship evacuation for ship companies and operators.

Aboa Mare training director Micael Vuorio said: “This cooperation is a good addition to our training portfolio and allows our customers to further develop their Arctic skills.”

The executive director of the Academy of Professional Safety, Tuuli Tarukannel has stated that he is pleased with the partnership and that the course will fit perfectly into the existing Aboa Mare’s portfolio as a complementary course.

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