Apply now to a bachelor’s or master’s maritime degree programme, in English, at the Novia University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland. The maritime degree programmes will equip you with insights and tools needed for the next step in your career.

The part-time bachelor’s and the master’s programmes are optimised for flexible learning and studying, alongside full-time employment ashore or at sea.

Graduates from the degree programmes are professional and versatile master mariners or chief engineers, qualified for Finnish, European, and international careers. The first self-evident career path is at sea as officers on board any type of vessel. Shore-based careers within the maritime industry are underpinned by a sufficient career at sea. The maritime industry offers land-based positions within areas such as authorities, shipping companies, brokers, insurance companies, yards and logistics.

The master’s programmes can be completed remotely. After completing the programme, you will be qualified to pursue a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates will be better suited for work within shipping companies, maritime authorities, ports, and a wide range of related fields, such as transport, maritime insurance, marine technology providers, education, and research. These fields have a constant need for employees, and the fast development within the maritime industry brings along more oppotunities.

You can also advance your career by upgrading your deck or engine officer’s degree to captain or chief engineer.

Applications are open between 5-19 January 2022 for the Novia UAS.

For more information, please visit our website via the link in our profile.