Shipping industry and start-up companies are exhibiting at the Maritime Fair 2019.

A conference will take place during the fair, with workshops, panel discussions and career events.

The fair will take place at Aboa Mare, Auriga Business Center in Turku, Finland, from 31 October to 1 November. The Maritime Fair 2019 targets professionals within the shipping industry, seafarers, shipping and start-up companies, authorities, maritime trainers and students. The fair is organised every second year.

Conference programme during the fair

Alexander Avanth, digital intrapreneur and director of business innovation at PTC Holdings hosts a keynote during day one and a ‘Future Leadership and Forecasting’ workshop during day two at the Maritime Fair.

The workshop is intended for leaders from the maritime industry and enables participants to visualise a road map concerning leadership and strategies, in a digitalised maritime future. The effect of technologies such as autonomous vessels, general artificial intelligence (AI), genetic modification and biotechnology often overwhelm us, according to Alexander Avanth. It is necessary to grasp the future in the sense most common to ourselves. This means that an organisation quickly must locate its limitations in knowledge in order to find a strategical business partner, Alexander Avanth adds.

A panel debate on autonomous shipping will take place the first day during the conference, titled ‘Will autonomous shipping be reality and in what extent?’. Maritime industry leaders share their views and discuss the future of shipping in the panel debate.

The career day event also takes place during day one. The event is organised by Aboa Mare’s student association, ENÅ. Representatives from different shipping companies, private yachts and the Finnish Maritime Authorities will give presentations about career possibilities and discuss job opportunities with the audience.

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