US-based Bellegrove Medical is a complete worldwide resource for medical supplies, equipment, technology, and services that a vessel or remote location might need.

Known for its innovative solutions and attentive service, the company specializes in meeting the unique requirements of cruise ships, commercial vessels, tankers, fishing vessels, oil and gas rigs, as well as remote locations.

Comprehensive in-stock inventory of medical supplies and equipment

Bellegrove Medical’s 13,000ft2 facility and warehouse offers a large inventory of maritime medications and medical supplies. Its extensive catalog includes over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications, vaccines, surgical supplies, consumer travel essentials, first aid and specialty kits, and medical equipment and devices, with 95% of items in stock for immediate shipment to your vessel.

Bellegrove stocks complete formulary, supplies and equipment required for compliance with the American College of Emergency Physicians Health Care Guidelines for Cruise Ship Medical Facilities. The company also helps clients design custom formulary.

We can provide medical supplies for tankers, freight and fishing vessels.
Bellegrove delivers medical supplies, equipment and services to cruise ships worldwide.
Our advanced computer-based system can monitor product expiry dates.

With more than 150 different suppliers worldwide, the company can source a wide range of additional products to meet the client’s specific needs.

Bellegrove’s pedigree and expiration tracking and unit-of-measure and utilization monitoring services assure that clients have in-date and regulatory-compliant medications.

Medical kits for commercial vessels and super yachts

Bellegrove’s offshore medical kits meet international standards for commercial vessels and include specialized packs for assessment, CPR, wound care, medications, pediatric, dental, ophthalmic (eye) and personal protection.

In addition, the company offers tender medical kits that can be taken onshore, as well as oxygen, automated external defibrillator (AED), captain and superyacht medical kits. Expiration date tracking with auto refills assures that kits are always up to date.

Fast and accurate worldwide delivery of medical supplies

Bellegrove specializes in quickly delivering medical supplies to vessels wherever they are needed. The company’s advanced computerized inventory management and shipping systems are designed exclusively for cruise and maritime, with automated error checking and utilization monitoring reporting.

Warehouses in both the US and the UK are stocked with supplies that are ready for immediate shipping. Bellegrove has developed long-term relationships with shipping companies, port agents, customs and governmental agencies worldwide to assure smooth transit.

Bellegrove’s exclusive custom packaging has been designed to protect temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and to make it easier for shipping vendors to deliver supplies to the correct vessel.

Affordable pharmaceuticals stocked from around the world

Clients can benefit from Bellegrove’s US customs-registered Foreign Trade Zone, which allows pharmaceuticals and controlled substances to be purchased, stocked, and delivered from outside of the US.

The company is also a registered FDA drug re-labeler and device manufacturer, allowing it to offer private label OTC pharmaceuticals at reduced prices.

Turnkey remote medicine, health IT and incident management solutions

Bellegrove offers technology solutions to help ensure the health and safety of crews and make regulatory compliance easier. Solutions are custom designed to meet the clients’ unique requirements.

Offerings include specialized EHRs designed to work offshore and in remote locations, emergency assistance, telemedicine and risk-and-incident management. In addition, the company offers drug testing, pre-employment medical exams, and inventory management, as well as controlled substance management and drug disposal.

All solutions are designed to assure regulatory compliance, adhering to maritime medical and flag state regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as General Data Protection Regulation privacy requirements.

Bellegrove is fully Drug Enforcement Administration compliant and medical device repair and calibration has been certified by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.

Multi-disciplinary expertise and consultation

Bellegrove Medical offers customers a range of knowledge and expertise. Consulting services include custom formulary, design and equipping of new-build medical centers, as well as on-site training and assistance.

About Bellegrove Medical

For more than 25 years, Bellegrove Medical has been a resource for cruise ships, commercial vessels and remote locations. Bellegrove delivers solutions that ensure ships are equipped with the supplies required to take care of crew and passengers.

Available experts include an emergency physician, an on-site pharmacist, biomedical engineer, and logistics specialists. The company partners with leading IT, incident management and medical management companies.

To find out more about Bellegrove’s medical solutions for the marine industry and remote locations, please fill out the enquiry form.