Norsafe is finishing the year with a strong last push, receiving orders for a further NOK450 million. This comes after the sales department of the company signed contracts worth more than NOK400 million during the course of October 2012. In total, the order intake for the 4th quarter of 2012 is NOK850 million, raising the order backlog of the company to a record-high NOK1.7 billion.

"It is satisfying to experience a large international demand for our newly developed free-fall lifeboat systems," says CEO Geir Skaala. "Norsafe’s three new lifeboat models are certified in accordance with DNV-OS-E406, which sets the world’s strictest requirements for free-fall lifesaving systems. The new regulations take effect on the Norwegian continental shelf from 2015, but are now being increasingly adopted in the leading international offshore environment."

The first boat model, GES50 MKIII (gravity escape system) is 50ft long and has a capacity for 70 persons. Without passengers the boat weighs 20t and is certified for drop heights of up to 47m. The market’s most advanced free-fall lifeboat has achieved these amazing results after having undergone an extreme test program, including the world’s highest drop-test from 61.53m. Customers of the new lifeboats include shipyards, oil companies, rig owners and operators committed to safety, often operating under the toughest imaginable conditions found in the North Sea, Barents Sea and the North Atlantic.

Norsafe Group has its headquarters at Tromøy outside Arendal and today counts 950 employees. The company has a worldwide involvement that includes production, sales, delivery and service of lifesaving equipment for ships and to the offshore industry. The company has its own production and sales/service companies in Norway, China, Greece, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, USA, Japan, Brazil and the Netherlands. In addition, Norsafe Group has a network of 45 service stations spread across all continents. Norsafe is continually growing, and new daughter companies and service stations are in the process of being planned / developed.