3Si Group subsidiary Ocean Safety is pleased to unveil the company’s newest range of stylish and comfortable Kru lifejackets.

The expertly engineered Kru range is built on award-winning heritage, incorporating unique features developed from end user feedback and tried and tested by professional sailors around the globe.

The result is a complete range of lifejackets to suit everyone, whether you’re a professional sailor, motorboat user, coastal, offshore or ocean sailor.

The range has been refined to include five variations of the Kru Sport, each sculpted for an ergonomic fit and new scoop neck design which sits away from the neck to increase movement and comfort.

Every jacket comes AIS-ready.

At the top of the range is the Kru Sport Pro 275 ADV, which is built for advanced high performance.

It is ideal for extreme conditions and has 320N additional bouyancy to support a crew member wearing heavy clothing. It comes complete with Pro sensor operating head, spray hood and light as standard.

The 150N category features the new Kru Sport Pro and the Kru Sport. Both of these models come in an ADV and non-ADV version.

All the ADV models feature a spray hood and light as standard, while the non-ADV versions come without.

All the 150N lifejackets are built to include the interlock bladder design with Wave Barrier Technology.

This delivers quick turning speeds and keeps the wearers’ airways free from channelled water, reducing the risk of secondary drowning.

The Kru XF and Kru XF Junior variants are considered the entry level options.

Versatile and lightweight in design, they are ideal for coastal sailing and general water sport use.

November will see the first public appearance for the 2018 Kru lifejackets as they are revealed at METS.

Visitors, journalists and buyers at METS are invited to visit Ocean Safety on stand number 03.310 for a demonstration of the new Kru range.

The first stock will be available in retailers and to order in February 2018.

Please contact 3Si Group via the enquiries form for more information.