Chemring Marine’s top marine distress signal brand Comet is the UAE’s market leader. Distributor Offshore Electronics aims to keep it that way.

For 30 years, Offshore Electronics, based in Sharjah, has been a Comet distributor and the company intends to further expand its business.

Offshore Electronics managing director Ali Abdel Jalil, says: “The market in UAE is going well and we have plans to increase our area of business through the region and to open new branches in other Gulf countries.

“We have an excellent business relationship with Comet, based on self-respect and mutual understanding.”

He says the secret of Offshore Electronics’ success is due to “the highly-dedicated sales personnel and management as well as the highest standards of customer service.”

The company, which was established in 1977, has in-depth experience in the marine safety industry and marine distress signals are among its best-selling products.

Despite the uncertain global economic future, the outlook for the UAE looks positive. At the moment, the Gulf states have dozens of port expansion projects, which are designed to transform the region into a global shipping hub for international freight, trade and commerce.