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Ecological Systems for Wastewater, Preparation and Processing

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ACO MARINE is a member of the international ACO Group with a sales network operating worldwide. ACO MARINE’s unique ecological systems are used primarily in wastewater, preparation and processing, and safety and security technology.

Wastewater treatment plants

ACO Maripurs are the highest-quality wastewater treatment plants available on the marine market. Compact process due to high sludge concentration in the reactor equates to a greatly reduced footprint, allowing more effective use of limited space. Power requirements are extremely low compared to comparable side-stream cross-flow systems, even for 200-man units.

Removal rates are significantly better than those required by current legislation. This gives operators the confidence that they will meet all likely future legislation and may even be allowed to discharge wastewater in areas where this is currently prohibited (zero-emission areas).

There is no need for environmentally harmful and expensive secondary treatment (such as secondary chlorination or UV sterilisation) for disinfection, because the biological membrane systems that form a physical barrier to the activated sludge stop solids, bacteria and even viruses.

Other advantages include:

  • The application of micro-filtration units instead of conventional settlement means the ACO Maripur is unaffected by ship movement
  • Simple, automated process requiring minimal operator intervention and training
  • Able to treat both black and grey water (including laundry and galley water) in one reactor, reducing the risk of further expense should incoming legislation require total treatment

Efficiency of wastewater purification

The ACO Maripur system purifies wastewater to a standard that far exceeds the standards currently imposed by IMO / MARPOL, HELCOM, German Federal Law Gazettes No II, page 1378 and No I, page 1221, USCG, US Federal Law Gazette No 40, section 133, Australian ADNOC and Australian Federal Environmental Agency and Alaskan passenger ship requirements.

Biological grease traps

All ACO biological grease traps work on the same principles: a biological activator is periodically injected into the connecting drainage pipe upstream of the trap. The mixture of contaminated water and activator flows into the trap and through a sediment bucket. The sediment bucket removes any larger particles that may be present in the drain waste.

Biological activators

Unlike strong acid or caustic drain cleaners, ACO biological activators work safely, but more slowly. They can be used to unblock drains and to replace aggressive caustic and acid cleaners. The ACO biological activator works in two distinct ways on the FOG wastes that settle in the drainage pipework and grease trap system.

Firstly, the activator introduces an enzyme that assists the natural biological process of breaking down long molecular chain FOGs into a manageable solution to then be discharged safely into the foul drainage system.

Secondly, the activator introduces other microorganisms that actively feed on the FOG’s present in the solution. Biological activators will not digest solid residues from the food preparation process quickly, so the sediment bucket requires periodic removal for cleaning to ensure efficient operation.

ACO clear biological activators are available in 5l or 20l containers.

Partial-disposal grease traps

Our partial-disposal grease traps are fully resistant against sea movement. The grease accumulates in the upper cone; the sludge drops to the lower cone. The grease is maintained liquid by heating the upper cone. The cleaned water drains freely and continuously through grease trap.

Advantages of our grease traps include:

  • 90% of the total capacity (water) need not be disposed, which leads to significant reduction of disposal costs as well as fresh water consumption
  • No grease deposits at inside walls due to short stay in separator
  • Disposal without operation interruption

Full-disposal grease traps

Our full-disposal grease traps operate purely mechanically according to the gravity principle (density difference), i.e. heavy substances in the waste water precipitate and light substances, such as for example animal oils and fats, rise to the surface of the water.

The sediments in the sludge trap and the grease layer are destroyed by the high-pressure jet of the special orbital cleaning head operating at up to 175bar and are homogenised in order to be rendered pumpable. Depending on the location, the separator content can be sucked through a fixed pipeline (to be provided by the user) or removed by a disposal pump, mounted to the grease trap (optional item).

These grease traps can be produced in different shapes and the technical design can be customised to customer requirements.

Peace Boat’s Ecoship

The Ecoship project is a new eco-friendly ship concept developed by Peace Boat, a Japanese non-profit organisation that promotes human rights and environmental sustainability by organising peace voyages on chartered passenger ships.

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