BIO-SEA Will Equip Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Once Again

The BIO-SEA company won two new BWT retrofit projects ordered by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA). BIO-SEA will therefore equip two Roros from the group, the ‘Ville de Bordeaux’ and the ‘City of Hamburg’, with a 400m³/h BIOSEA modular system and a 300m³/h BIO-SEA semi-modular system (IMO & USCG AMS).

The French company is thus responsible for the transportation of A380 parts as well as other AIRBUS plane components between the different production sites of Airbus spread between Pauillac (France), Hamburg (Germany), Cadix (Spain), Mostyn (United-Kingdom), Naples (Italy) and Tunisia. Indeed the 20-year contract signed with Airbus in 2002 required the construction of three ships especially designed, and delivered by two shipyards (in China and Singapore): ‘Ville de Bordeaux’, ‘City of Hamburg’ and ‘Ciudad de Cadiz’.

BIO-SEA will provide two of them with efficient systems, providing a simplicity of integration, and a competitive offer to LDA.

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