grey water treatment

Biotal Marine’s Biotal GW 3000 is an innovative new microbial product for the shipping and marine industry.

Biotal GW 3000 has been specifically developed to prevent odours and build-up of solids in grey water storage systems, without the need for harsh chemical cleaning products.

Grey water storage is a major issue on board vessels as fat residues within grey waste water can form a thick, greasy coating on the inside of storage tanks and this combined with other organic waste on the tank bottom rapidly become depleted of oxygen forming a haven for anaerobic bacteria.

As the anaerobic bacteria breaks down the fat and other waste materials, low pH volatile fatty acids form within the deposit, contributing to malodour and corrosion of storage tanks, tank linings, pipe-work, and other metal surfaces.

In older vessels without specific grey water holding tank capacities, the tanks being used may be totally unsuited for the challenges created from storing grey water.

Manual cleaning of inaccessible storage tanks with harsh chemicals poses a significant challenge to engine room personnel. The GW 3000 product offers a far more sustainable cleaning solution because the bacteria within the formula continue to degrade grey water deposits after application.

GW 3000 contains naturally occurring, non-toxic micro-organisms that are selected specifically for their ability to break down materials found in grey water waste, such as fats, oils and grease, protein and other organic solids.

The formulation also contains a naturally occurring alternative oxygen donor which combines with specifically selected bacteria within the GW 3000 formula to convert the fatty deposits and sludge within the tank to carbon dioxide and water; thus reducing the fatty deposits and solids where an-aerobic bacteria would otherwise thrive. The natural oxygen donor also inhibits sulphate-reducing bacteria for active control of hydrogen sulphide.

Another advantage of reducing the anaerobic bacteria within the storage tanks is that no volatile fatty acids are produced. This significantly reduces corrosion risk, and improves facility maintenance.

Because Biotal Marine use specifically selected micro-organisms to break down organic grey water s residues, the GW 3000 product delivers a targeted and highly-efficacious cleaning performance, in comparison with harsher chemicals that have a more general application process.

The use of natural microbes also makes Biotal Marine products far safer product to apply than chemicals, safer to store and handle on board for employees, and there is a minimal impact on natural marine ecosystems.

Biotal Marine research and development specialist Emma Saunders said: "The GW 3000 product range has been developed through years of ground-breaking research and development. We’re confident in saying that the product delivers superior, documented, scientifically validated and verified results, and is safe for the user and the environment.

"By offering a genuine eco-friendly and sustainable market alternative, we believe we can help the shipping and marine industry economically while also protecting the environment as well as customers and employees."

Biotal Marine supplies the GW 3000 products in 10 litre jerry cans, which makes them convenient to store on board vessels where space is at a minimum.

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