Biotal Marine

Global bioscience company Biotal Marine has developed unique microbial technology for the shipping and marine industry with its AR 3000 product range.

The AR 3000 products have been created through years of industry-leading research and development, to remove or dissolve black water scale in a wide range of ship board applications without the need for acidic cleaning products.

Biotal Marine develops its products with an emphasis on improved product performance, as well as ecological safety and stability in order to create more advanced, effective cleaning solutions for its customers; which it says will ultimately save its customers money.

Black water scale is a major issue at the sewage vacuum collection points on boats and ships, as well as boilers, and fresh water generators. Flush water and urine contains trace amounts of ions which over time form scale in pipes and process equipment. The build-up of scale is also exacerbated by the action of the sewage vacuum and the effects of heat in the engine room; both increase the evaporation rates of water within the shipping pipes and thus encourage scale deposition.

Scale build-up within black water pipes eventually leads to blockages and foul odours, which can be an expensive and time consuming issue to resolve.

Traditionally, acidic cleaning products are used for dissolving or removing scale in the black water pipes but these products do not prevent future build-up of scale. The AR 3000 products offer a far more sustainable cleaning alternative because the organisms within the formulas continue to break-down scale after being applied.

The microbes once applied, cultivate in the area of application, and this ensures the products continue to be effective against organic material after application. In the long-term this can save a substantial cost on shipping maintenance, as the products removes the need for dry-docking.

To ensure the AR 3000 product range delivers a highly-efficacious cleaning performance, Biotal Marine researches and tests specific microbes and then ferments pure bacteria strains that work in specific application areas.

The use of unique microbial formulas in comparison to harsher corrosive acidic chemistries ensures the AR 3000 products deliver a targeted cleaning performance that does not have any negative impacts on the surrounding environment where it is applied.

This makes the products safer to apply, and therefore improves the health and safety for consumers and the workforce.

Dr Emma Saunders, research and development specialist at Biotal Marine said: "The Biotal product range has been developed through extensive research and development for the shipping and marine industry.

"Shipping maintenance is a costly process and that is why the AR 3000 range has been developed with sustainability in mind. By creating organic microbial cleaning solutions, we offer a holistic cleaning alternative to corrosive acidic cleaners that are harmful to the environment, and are inefficient against scale build-up after application.

"By offering a genuine eco-friendly and sustainable market alternative, we believe the Biotal Marine products can help businesses economically while also protecting the environment as well as their customers and employees."