Browsing various manufacturers of ballast water management systems (BWMS), you will quickly notice that there are many suppliers and many solutions, and all delivered at different price levels.

However, a case study made by one of Denmark’s major shipowners shows that DESMI’s CompactClean BWMS has an installation price, which is 20% lower on average compared to the main competitors.

A simple Excel calculation shows where the savings can be realised compared to the competitors:

  • Valves, control, and cams: 29%
  • Installation cost: 37%
  • Cables: 84%

The study gave savings of 20% in total by using DESMI equipment, engineering and integration. The big benefit and saving lie in the thorough engineering delivered by DESMI and the simplicity of the CompactClean BWMS, which makes the installation easy and cost-efficient.

In particular, DESMI’s engineering focusses on reducing the amount of new piping and new electrical cabling, which simplifies and reduces the installation cost.

Additionally, the simplified by-pass logic and CAMS integration available with DESMI Engineering can provide significant savings, and finally, the detailed installation guide delivered as part of the engineering package makes the installation more smooth and reduces the risk of expensive errors.

For DESMI this is indeed a major competitive advantage, as we have our own expert team available to deal with both, engineering, commissioning, and training.

Final advice from DESMI in this regard is: “No matter which supplier or solution you choose, look thoroughly into the costs, prepare your calculation, and consider all costs related to the installation, there are high potentials for savings.”