Enwa is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with the Norwegian company Polar International for their freshwater treatment product Hydrophore Water Treatment (PWT).

The contract enables Enwa to sell PWT worldwide for offshore and shipping markets.

Enwa sales manager Svenn Lorentzen said: "We are looking forward to the cooperation between our companies. This will broaden our portfolio of water treatment solutions for our customers, and gives us possibility to offer complete freshwater packages as well as good solutions for existing systems that are facing corrosion problems."

Inadequate water treatment results in costly down-time and wide-ranging repairs, due to corrosion, pitting and scaling, as well as severe health challenges, according to Svenn Lorentzen.

PWT prevents corrosion in freshwater piping, stops and seals off pitting in 304/316, and cleans already corroded pipes.

Polar International managing director Thomas Bjørnstad said: "Our solutions protect equipment, end user and the environment at the same time."

Polar PWT is developed and produced at Polar International Sandefjord, Norway, and will be branded and sold as Enwa PWT.