Since its foundation in 1983 by Lars Uson Lundberg, Uson Marine has been a leading provider of sustainable, environmentally-friendly waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry. The company now celebrates 30 years in business.

During these years there has been a dramatic increase in the number and stringency of regulations relating to environmental issues within the marine and offshore industry. The regulations apply both to ship and rig design and to operational procedures.

30 years ago waste management was only critical for vessels with special operations or a high number of people onboard. Today, sustainable waste handling is allowed for as a matter of course in the design of most vessels and vessel types. Also, as public awareness of environmental issues continues to increase, so does the value of environmental performance as a competitive advantage.

With the latest stringent rules from IMO Marpol now in force, the discharge of waste into the oceans is limited to food waste. At the same time, space and resources onboard are often limited and local authorities may add their own requirements for disposal and recycling of waste fractions.

Claes Rudling, CEO, said,"We now see a strong trend where ship and rig owners select sustainable and reliable solutions rather than short term quick fixes. The owners want to be in control of their discharges. Hygienic, odour-free collection and storage of food waste is given high priority, dry waste is usually separated into fractions followed by volume reduction. Recycling is definitely the way forward and has been our strategy since Lars Uson Lundberg founded Uson Marine.

"Our customers choose our solutions for their clean, safe and cost effective operation and long working lifetimes. Our extensive experience of developing waste handling solutions gives us the confidence to offer ship and rig owners up to five years warranty on our equipment.