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Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generating Systems for Marine Applications

Evoqua Water Technologies produces electrocatalytic products that use seawater for onsite sodium hypochlorite generating systems.


Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua Water Technologies produces electrocatalytic products that use seawater for onsite sodium hypochlorite generating systems.

The company’s CAPAC® corrosion protection systems and Chloropac® marine growth prevention systems are widely accepted within the maritime community. SeaCURE™ ballast water treatment systems are to go through US Coast Guard (USCG) testing in 2015, and are already recognised by the American Maritime Society (AMS).

Ballast water management systems for maritime applications

Evoqua Water Technologies’ type-approved SeaCURE ballast water treatment system provides a reliable, environmentally friendly solution designed to protect against the proliferation of invasive aquatic species.

Evoqua’s SeaCURE™ ballast water management system onboard a 13,100TEU container vessel is based on the company’s Chloropac® technology.
The SeaCURE ballast water treatment systems are to undergo US Coast Guard (USCG) testing in 2015.
The company’s CAPAC® corrosion protection systems are suitable for vessels and offshore structures.
Evoqua's Chloropac systems enable energy-efficient, long-term plant operation by reducing marine and biological fouling.

With its patented method to control biofouling of filters, SeaCURE is designed to help meet ballast water treatment management standards as outlined in the 2004 IMO Convention for the control and management of ships’ ballast water and sediments.

The system’s patented process uses a combination of physical separation and a proprietary, on-demand treatment with biocides, produced in-situ from seawater, without the addition of chemicals.

The system is based on more than 30 years of experience and more than 2,500 shipboard installations of Evoqua’s Chloropac biofouling control system.

Onsite sodium hypochlorite generating systems for marine and biological fouling

Evoqua’s Chloropac systems prevent marine and biological fouling using state-of-the-art equipment for energy-efficient, long-term plant operation. They produce an in-situ, dilute, safe solution of sodium hypochlorite for direct injection into the water circuit, minimising the cost and risk of purchasing and handling chemicals associated with other types of technologies

Chloropac treats the water system to prevent biofouling by injecting a sodium hypochlorite seawater solution into the main water flow to create a hostile habitat unsuitable for organic life. It will continue with the water flow until the outfall of the system, so it returns to the sea or river.

Chloropac’s concentric tubular electrode (CTE) technology is one of the most advanced seawater electrolyser cell designs for safely producing sodium hypochlorite.

Impressed current cathodic protection systems for corrosion protection

Evoqua’s CAPAC impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems provide automatic, permanent protection that prevents electrolysis and galvanic corrosion from attacking the submerged surfaces of vessels and offshore structures.

The company’s high-tech CAPAC systems are state-of-the-art, long-term solutions to corrosion problems and are recognised as a superior alternative to sacrificial anode systems, which require frequent replacement. CAPAC ICCP systems offer a higher return on investment due to reduced fuel costs and maintenance.

CAPAC systems work by supplying a controlled amount of DC current to submerged surfaces using highly reliable platinum or mixed metal oxide anodes and silver / silver chloride reference electrodes. This current is constantly monitored and regulated by the system to prevent the electrochemical action of galvanic corrosion before it begins.

About Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua Water Technologies is a specialist in water and wastewater treatment products, in addition to systems and services for industrial, marine and municipal clients.

Its comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services reduce freshwater demand, ensure uninterrupted water quantity and quality, as well as enable regulatory and environmental compliance.

With a wide range of proven product brands and advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies, mobile and emergency water supply solutions and service contract options, Evoqua helps cities provide clean water and industrial plants to maintain productivity and profitability.

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