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Wastewater and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems

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Hamworthy Water Systems has supplied wastewater treatment systems to the marine market for over 40 years. Our operational experience and market-led innovative and technology means that we can deliver a range of wastewater treatment products which we believe cannot be rivalled by any other manufacturer. Mindful of the environment, we work to ensure that all our products meet the highest standards of compliance.

Wastewater treatment for marine vessels

Hamworthy’s Super Trident sewage treatment plants have been widely regarded as standard specification on all vessels up to the largest cruise liners. Since 1963, over 10,000 Super Trident sewage treatment plants have been installed on ships around the world providing extensive operational and performance benefits.

Due to the extended aeration process utilised, Super Trident sewage treatment plants are highly developed and efficient for marine applications. Our proven capability ensures product performance above and beyond the guidelines set out by the IMO.

Our STA-C & ST-C range were the first systems in the market to be certified in meeting the new MEPC.159(55) standard. Already, leading ship-builders have placed orders for the new systems for over 900 vessels.

Hamworthy has been supplying wastewater treatment systems to the marine market for over 40 years.
Hamworthy's Super Trident standard sewage treatment plant.
Hamworthy's Super Trident retrofit sewage treatment plant.
MBR installation on-board Queen Victoria.
Rely on Hamworthy Services for through life system and technical support.

Optimised for treating black and grey wastewater flows and suitable with conventional gravity and vacuum-fed collection systems, all plants in our STA-C / ST-C range are controlled automatically resulting in safe unattended operation, reducing maintenance requirements / man hours and operating costs long-term. Systems are compact and modular in design, suitable for between-deck installations, and are adaptable to customer new build requirements / specifications.

Replacement wastewater treatment

Hamworthy also supplies a STA-C retrofit range suitable for replacement installations. The retrofit range is specifically designed to reduce the cost of installing sewage treatment equipment into existing vessels. Each size in the retrofit range is built up from three separate water tight tanks connected by external piping, aiding installation. The dimensions of each component tank have been arranged to permit its transportation through standard vessel access ways.

Our retrofit range is specified, installed and commissioned working in close cooperation with the world’s leading marine waste collection companies ensuring smooth installation and reduced technical risk.

Hamworthy is able to assist in offering a complete system survey, reviewing current sewage treatment installations, providing an easy solution where required with considerable installation benefits for retrofit customers.

Advanced black and grey wastewater treatment

Hamworthy’s Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology is an advanced black and grey wastewater treatment process designed to satisfy the most stringent effluent standards, meeting the challenge of protecting the environment head-on.

The innovative MBR system is an evolution of our proven sewage treatment technology. Through biological degradation and membrane separation our systems can produce the highest quality discharge, exceeding international standards without the addition or generation of chemicals hazardous to the maritime or shipboard environment.

Utilising side-stream cross-flow membrane configuration, each module contains large numbers of ultra filtration membrane tubes designed to achieve very high permeate production under cross-flow scouring velocity with minimal risk of blockages.

Hamworthy’s MBR technology achieved outstanding performance in Alaska under the scrutiny of the local authority, USCG and USEPA studies over the past seasons, meeting a permeate quality that exceeds the most stringent coliform standards.

Complete marine wastewater offerings

Hamworthy Water System’s can offer complete system supply and a range of wastewater products, including sewage treatment systems, membrane bioreactors, vacuum collection systems, toilets, macerators, grease traps, holding tanks and transfer pumps, ensuring a reduced technical risk.

Hamworthy Services

Hamworthy Services offer a global network with a growing service resource of qualified engineers. Located in key strategic centers around the world and supported by our extensive network of Agents and distributors in 70 countries, Hamworthy are well placed to deliver.

We build strong and reliable relationships with all our customers. Our through life system / technical support and prompt service and delivery of replacement parts ensures the long-term safety and economy of your operations minimising equipment downtime.

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