In 2009, the maritime drinking water specialist Hatenboer-Water supplied two containerized potable water-making units in a very short space of time to De Hoop Lobith shipyard. These units, each with a capacity of 62.5m³/day, have been installed aboard the river cruise ships Ravel and Debussy.

These ships have been converted into offshore accommodation ships for the Caspian Sea for Roborg, a partnership between Roelofs Floatels and Wagenborg. The ships were built ten years ago at De Hoop Lobith, when they were also equipped with Hatenboer-Water drinking water production units.

Hatenboer-Water had to be creative in order to realize these projects. There was insufficient time to build standard 60m³/day systems. However, the company was able to complete five DEMITEC sea standard RO units, each with a capacity of 12.5m³/day, within this tight delivery schedule.

These units were installed in a fully sound insulated 40ft container. Nine weeks after the order was placed a fully operational system was installed on board and, as requested, four weeks later the containerized unit for the second ship was delivered.

After this fast job, a further three sets of five Demitec sea standard RO systems followed. These were also installed in Roberg hotel ships, one of which was commissioned by De Hoop Lobith and two by Holland Shipyards. These systems were not built in containerized form as there was sufficient room for them in the engine room.