The Oleg Stashnov, which is currently being built at the shipyard of IHC Merwede, is the largest vessel ever built by the yard. This 183m-long ship has a lifting capacity of no less than 5,000t and accommodation for 395 personnel.

The ship’s owner, Seaway Heavy Lifting, is conscious that good, dependable drinking water on-board is not simply a matter of course, especially in such a complex ship as the Oleg Strashnov. The maritime drinking water specialist Hatenboer-Water was therefore approached at an early stage to advise on the design of the drinking water system.

Hatenboer-Water provided advice about the required capacity, the drinking water production and treatment equipment, the requirements applicable under Norwegian legislation, the pipework to be used, legionella prevention, etc.

This led to the supply of a complete drinking water system that consists of:

  • Two 100m³/day DEMITEC RO water-makers, including pre-treatment and post-treatment
  • Complete cold and hot water modules including pressurizing sets, ultraviolet disinfection systems, a drinking water cooling system and hot water calorifiers

The entire system was completely designed and built taking into account many regulations, including legionella prevention. In doing so it meets the strict Norwegian requirements for drinking water systems, which is necessary as the ship will be working in Norwegian waters.