For many years Hatenboer-Water has been providing Potable Water courses for maritime and offshore personnel at own office or client’s location. In March 2010 we will be offering the course in Singapore for the first time. As many people in this area are interested in the training, it is booked fully already.

Why attend our Potable Water courses?

Water is a unique product. It lives and creates life. There are many sorts of water, such as drinking water, process water, cooling water and sewage water. The problems with water are multifarious, including scale, bacteria, lack of water, problems with odour and taste and corrosion. In order to prevent or overcome these problems adequately, there is a wide range of water processing and treatment technologies. The right selection of these makes it possible to purify and condition your water to fully meet your requirements.

To make the right selection for water processing and treatment, it is important to have knowledge of the different processes. Therefore Hatenboer-Water provides Potable Water training for maritime and offshore personnel, offering a comprehensive overview of water technology and treatment.

For more information on the course please contact us.