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Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Thalenhorststrasse 15 A,
Bremen, D-28307,

Marine Water Technology (RWO) is one of the leading suppliers for water and wastewater treatment systems for onboard ships and offshore installations.

For more than 35 years, RWO’s experts have been developing, designing, manufacturing and servicing forward-looking and cost-efficient technologies for any kind of water treatment for onboard ships, offshore installations, new buildings and retrofitting.

Water treatment systems and oil water separators

The products we supply include ballast water treatment, oil water separators, wastewater treatment, process water treatment and production, and potable water treatment and production. We also provide services such as a worldwide network of support, commissioning, retrofits, spare parts (consumable) and training.

RWO offers worldwide availability and support, both extensive experience and references and added value for package solutions, allowing you to save money and time. We provide one direct contact during supply and aftersales, allowing a faster method of communication. This means reduced logistics, transport costs, commissioning and training costs.

Ballast water treatment systems

RWO has developed CleanBallast, a technology for the simple treatment of ballast water, which reliably removes organisms, sediments and suspended solids in just two steps. Firstly, there is a DiskFilter system for mechanical separation when taking in ballast water, and secondly, our advanced EctoSys® disinfection unit reduces the number of living organisms before reaching the ballast water tanks.

The EctoSys disinfection system is used again when de-ballasting in the destination port, since any remaining organisms can multiply and grow during the voyage. In this way a disruption-free and clean water cycle is ensured, from taking in to pumping out regardless of whether in river water, brackish water or seawater.

CleanBallast can easily be integrated into existing on-board processes and systems. The modular design means that it can be configured to suit the available space and piping layout of ballast water systems. CleanBallast is fully automated but with the possibility of both local and remote operation.

The EctoSys disinfection system is installed inline and cleans the ballast water in an economical and ecological friendly way.

Oily water separators

RWO has more than 30 years of experience with oil / water separators, allowing us to provide a high performance standard – more than 11,000 ships have already been equipped with our system.

The SKIT/S-DEB oil / water separator complies with the IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) using the combination of the highly effective open-porous coalescer together with a second-stage emulsion-breaking oil and hydrocarbon polisher. Periodical backflushing keeps the coalescer surface clean and offers long-lasting operation without requiring attendance and maintenance.

Wastewater treatment systems

RWO’s wastewater treatment systems are complemented by the biological wastewater treatment series WWT-LC and membrane sewage treatment series SMT.

Both WWT-LC and SMT offer a number of advantages, including excellent effluent results, fulfilling MEPC 159(55), compact design, process stability, deliverable as plug and play units, and available in the most common capacities.

RWO also offers the MEMbrane Reactor Operation Device (MEMROD® process). This is similar to the SMT process but is suitable for larger capacities. Since its development, numerous MEMROD plants have been installed on-board of research, navy and cruise vessels, as well as on mega yachts.

Ultraviolet sterilisation systems

Ultraviolet sterilisation systems are a reliable and comfortable way to sterilise potable water onboard ships and offshore. RWO’s UV units consist of a reaction chamber with the UV lamp and a separate control cabinet. The unit requires no chemicals, has no effect on taste or odour and cause no corrosion problems. The UV unit is easy to operate and maintain, and provides safe disinfection of drinking water.

RWO also supplies mineralising units for post-treatment of desalinated water and chemical dosing units for water treatment. Please see our website for more details.

Process water softeners and demineralisation units

RWO provides water softener and demineralisation units to combat calcium and magnesium ion build-up in hard-water areas. The systems are designed for fully automatic operation and are available with a variety of accessories, including, hardness monitors for continues hardness measuring and control.

Our demineralisation plants go one step further than softeners, by removing basically all dissolved ions from the water. This results in fully demineralised water, low in conductivity and free of other impurities, making them suitable for any ship application requiring pure water.

Silver Muse Ultra-Luxury Cruise Ship

Silversea Cruises’ new flagship, the Silver Muse ultra-luxury cruise ship, was built by Fincantieri at its shipyard in Sestri Ponente, Genoa.


Thalenhorststrasse 15 A

Bremen, D-28307