Ultrasound Systems For Algae Growth Prevention on Vessels - Ship Technology
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Ultrasound Systems For Algae Growth Prevention on Vessels

Ultrasound Solutions offers sonotrodes-transducer technology to prevent the growth of algae, mussels and sea pockets on vessels. The company's ultrasound-driven, low-capacity sonotrodes prevent biofilm from cultivating on chests, pipes, filters, pumps, box coolers and hulls.

Simply put, biofilms are a collection of microorganisms surrounded by the slime they secrete, attached to either an inert or living surface. You are already familiar with some biofilms: the plaque on your teeth, the slippery slime on river stones, and the gel-like film on the inside of a vase which held flowers for a week. Biofilm exists wherever surfaces contact water.

More than 99% of all bacteria live in biofilm communities. Some are beneficial. Sewage treatment plants, for instance, rely on biofilms to remove contaminants from water. But biofilms can also cause problems by corroding pipes, clogging water filters, causing rejection of medical implants, and harboring bacteria that contaminate drinking water.

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