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Shore-side power is being touted as a promising solution to curbing emissions from large ships and the EU has recommended all ports adopt the technology by 2025 – however, scepticism prevails within the industry. We investigate how feasible this implementation timeline is and what challenges need to be overcome.

We also take a look at the construction of the UK’s new state-of-the-art polar research ship designed to keep the country at forefront of climate and ocean research, speak to GE Marine about its SeaStream Insight remote monitoring and asset support platform, and examine Transafe’s new incident management simulator for emergency crews.

Plus, we find out how cruise operators are stepping up their culinary game with the help of celebrity chefs and high-end restaurants, and we take a look at initiatives underway in the UK to attract and train the next generation of seafarers.

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In this issue

Polar Explorer
Cammell Laird in Birkenhead has been selected by the UK to build a new £200m, state-of-the-art polar research ship. Gary Peters asks how the deal will develop British shipbuilding expertise.
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Powering Up
Shore-side power has been steadily growing in popularity as a reliable solution to cutting emissions. But while ports have an EU-imposed deadline to implement the technology by 2025, there is still a general distrust in the industry. Eva Grey investigates.
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Smarter Maintenance
Maintenance has emerged as a prime area where savings can be made in the offshore industry. Rod James talks to Andy McKeran, from technology developer GE Marine, to find out how SeaStream Insight is helping to reduce maintenance costs.
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Virtual Safety
Maritime service provider Transafe has unveiled a new incident management simulator for emergency crews. Eva Grey explores the role of virtual reality in the shipping market.
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The Culinary Cruise
Culinary standards have improved dramatically on the industry’s premier cruise liners and passenger expectations have risen with them. Frances Marcellin looks at the challenges involved with serving top-quality meals.
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Enticing the Next Generation
At this year’s World Maritime Day, attendees debated what needs to be done to attract young people to the industry. Gary Peters asks what is happening in the UK to ensure the next generation emerges.
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Next issue preview

Against the backdrop of ongoing COP21 negotiations in Paris, the shipping sector pledged its commitment to ambitious CO2 reductions across the international merchant fleet. As leading figures from both the conservation and maritime industries debate the role of tighter regulation and innovative technologies in delivering incremental change, we report on what the results of the COP21 talks will mean for the shipping industry.

We also get a look inside Norwegian Cruise Line’s largest ever vessel, the Norwegian Escape, find out how Amsterdam’s new Ijmuiden sea lock will help make traffic smoother at the entrance to the North Sea Canal, and explore Curaçao Ports Authority’s plans to develop the Port of Willemstad into a stronger tourist destination. Plus, we take a look at Alphatron Marine‘s AlphaEye service communication tool and its capabilities for remote ship maintenance, and find out how UK start-up Kontainers plans to revolutionise ocean freight.

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