Norway-based Yara Marine Technologies has secured a contract from Canadian marine shipping firm Algoma Central Corporation to deploy its FuelOpt propulsion optimisation technology on board eight more of the latter’s bulk carriers.

The technology provider installed FuelOpt on board the Algoma Conveyor in April.

Algoma Central Corporation vessel performance manager David Belisle said: “At Algoma, we were looking for a solution to improve overall operational efficiency. FuelOpt allows us to maximise the benefits of pitch/RPM regulation possible on our vessels equipped with controllable pitch propellers.

“Having seen the results achieved in such a short time with the Algoma Conveyor, we have decided to carry our collaboration forward by equipping eight more bulk carriers with the FuelOpt system.”

The deployment will also help Algoma meet the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) incoming Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) framework.

FuelOpt propulsion optimisation technology provides shaft power limitation (ShaPoLi) by letting vessel operators set an upper limit on shaft power output without altering the current machinery.

Consequently, ship operators are able to align their daily operations in line with the EEXI requirements.

Besides, ShaPoLi’s use can be skipped in the case of an emergency, allowing the crew to use the engine’s full power.

Currently, Yara Marine is working towards securing class approval.

The FuelOpt system can be deployed on newbuilds or retrofitted.

It has been designed to support future vessel upgrades and is compatible with any kind of propeller or engine.

In addition, the technology operates irrespective of the kind of fuel used or if there are numerous fuel sources.

The system also adapts propulsive power according to varying environmental conditions, eliminating expensive variations in power as well as speed.

In a statement, Yara Marine Technologies said: “Additionally, for vessels with a controllable pitch propeller, such as Algoma’s bulk carriers, FuelOpt allows additional efficiency gains through dynamic pitch/RPM optimisation.”

In July, Yara Marine acquired Lean Marine, a Swedish provider of automated fuel-saving and performance management solutions for vessels.