APM Terminals Apapa and the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) have completed the work to restore the rail connectivity to the Lagos Port Complex (LPC) in Apapa, Nigeria.

It is expected to keep the traffic off the roads and reduce congestion.

APM Terminals Apapa External Affairs general manager Daniel Odibe said that the NRC and the terminal developed a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that reduces the communication gap.

It is said to increase the efficiency of cargo evacuation by rail.

Odibe said: “This is an important milestone for the port. Having a Standard Operating Procedure for receiving trains into the terminal and servicing them helps planning, as you have adequate information ahead of time.”

Resuming rail services will decrease the backlog of containers at the port due to the closure of a part of the Apapa Bridge.

Recently, the barging operations in the port have increased.

The rail line of the port is connected with the national line, which provides an alternate option to road transport.

NRC Lagos district manager Jerry Oche said: “A train is made up of 19 wagons and each of the wagons can take one 40ft or two 20ft containers. So, if we are doing 40ft, that is 19 trucks off the road and if it is 20ft, that is 38 trucks off the road per trip.

“We are starting with two trips per day and we hope to increase it in no distant time.”

The move follows the purchase of two new mobile harbour cranes this year.

Last month, APM Terminals Valencia in Spain introduced new Virtual Private LTE provided by Telefonica Spain.