The Australian Government announced they are developing a Maritime Emissions Reduction National Action Plan (MERNAP) with the aim of mapping out a workable green transition for the maritime industry.

MERNAP will strengthen Australia’s own strategic direction on a seamless energy transition for its domestic maritime sector, while also cooperating with other countries on low and zero-emissions marine operations.

According to the Australian Government’s maritime emissions report over 99% of Australia’s foreign commerce volume is transported via shipping, which is essential to the country’s economy and well-being.

The maritime industry has a lot to benefit from the initiatives to cut emissions, from supporting green energy export hubs to bunkering new zero and low-emissions fuels and addressing port emissions.

The International Maritime Organization’s goal of decarbonizing shipping by 2050 is aligned with the Australian Government’s commitment to decreasing emissions in shipping.

Catherine King, Minister for Infrastructure, highlighted: “The government has legislated global ship energy efficiency improvement measures to reduce the carbon intensity of ships visiting Australian waters.

“Through the Asia-Pacific Cooperation (APEC) nations, we will focus on collaboration among APEC ports and transport agencies to advance ambition on low and zero-emissions maritime operations.”

Additionally, King discussed Australia’s commitment to a low emissions future at the 2023 APEC Transport meeting: “The meeting, the first since 2017, ministers and transport leaders from the 21 APEC countries highlighted the importance of acting to reduce transport emissions, supporting women to pursue and stay in fulfilling careers across the sector and ensuring more resilient supply chains that can meet future freight tasks.

“We are working with industry to establish a new Australian Jet Zero Council to cut emissions and boost sustainable fuels and will develop a new Maritime Emissions Reduction National Action Plan to help signal our ambition to become a global green-shipping leader.”

During 2023, the Departments of Transport and Infrastructure will work in partnership with the maritime industry to create a strategy that is effective and boosts Australia’s participation in the global green economy.