Awake.AI has secured a tender to offer vessel schedule estimates for Finland-based ports through Fintraffic Vessel Traffic Services.

The service agreement signed between Fintraffic’s Vessel Traffic Services and Awake.AI includes the new Port Call Time Stamp and Estimation Service, which is a time data service for port operators and authorities.

Awake.AI stated that the project’s technical implementation will be executed in Finland.

The new port call schedule service is expected to bolster Finnish maritime logistics competitiveness, increase the efficiency of port operators’ routine activities, minimise environmental emissions, and support automation.

Awake.AI was successful in offering a ready-made service that was in line with Fintraffic’s needs and the tender’s requirements.

Traficom ship technology and marine environment chief advisor Katariina Kalatie said: “There have long been attempts to tackle the challenges posed by data management in maritime logistics. Before the working group was established, a preliminary study was carried out to collate existing research and reports and to identify any overarching needs. Time data clearly took centre stage.”

After the completion of the preliminary study, it was found that ‘better predictability and information sharing is required to boost operational efficiency’.

Time data was found to be equally beneficial for all port operators while maintaining data security.

The new port call schedule service will be launched this autumn.

Awake.AI will now commence a month-long delivery procedure during which the service will be technically modified to fulfil Fintraffic’s requirements.

Thereafter, the company will move on to the testing phase, which will enable Fintraffic to mobilise the service for use at ports.

The new service will be available via the Fintraffic Digitraffic API or the Fintraffic Port Activity application.

Last year, Awake.AI partnered with Nordic-based artificial intelligence (AI) lab Silo.AI to develop smart ports and vessels as well as improve port logistics in Finland.