C Steinweg’s Botlek Terminal in the Netherlands has concluded the deployment of Master Terminal by Navis as its new terminal operating software.

In April, Botlek went live with Master Terminal under a seamless operation.

The small container terminal can manage break-bulk cargo and function at 17,500 TEU annually.

Navis carried out the deployment and subsequent training remotely in 14 weeks.

Earlier, the terminal was operating its container process through legacy applications.

These applications required extra administrative tasks, decreased efficiency and delayed procedures.

Navis’ Master Terminal can support both break-bulk and container cargo.

It allows the operator to minimise manual inputs, digitise procedures and improve efficiencies in daily operations.

By offering an integrated, real-time insight of all operations and data at any marine or inland terminal, the solution helps increase productivity and operational efficiency.

With intermodal capabilities, the customisable operating system aids in the management of general and mixed cargo.

Botlek is the fourth terminal from C Steinweg to deploy Master Terminal under a deal to integrate the operating system at a total of six terminals, including one in Sohar, Oman.

This rollout at Botlek is said to provide a blueprint for the Navis software’s future implementation at other terminals.

The software went live in July at Pier 1, the fifth terminal to include the Navis product.

One more terminal will go live with the software before the end of the year.

Last month, the Container Terminal of the Port of Durres (CTPD) completed the installation of Navis’ N4 software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, making a transition from manual operations.