The Container Terminal of the Port of Durres (CTPD) has finished installing Navis ’ N4 software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, making a transition from manual operations.

By using the Navis Cloud-based terminal operating system (TOS), CTPD aims to improve its routine operations and work on continuous terminal innovation.

Managed by Mariner Adriatic, CTPD sits within the Port of Durres in Albania.

The port is said to be one of the most strategic ports on the Balkan and Adriatic Sea and provides access to roads and rail.

In recent months, CTPD has invested in upgraded machinery, terminal automation systems and staff to achieve improved efficiency.

Navis Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) general manager Jacques Marchetti said: “In just three months, and without any additional investment in hardware or onsite expertise required, Mariner Adriatic was able to convert the terminal’s operations and make it one of the first sites operating [the] N4 SaaS in the Cloud.

“With the full suite of N4 functionality available in our Cloud offering, the terminal now has the option to expand the system as both productivity and demand increase.”

Within two weeks of introducing the implementation project, Mariner Adriatic was able to configure and trial the system.

All associated activities were supervised by a fully remote team of terminal operators.

The terminal launched the system incrementally via the Cloud, beginning with the gate, moving to the yard and then to ship operations.

Following this, the terminal launched the equipment control and electronic data interchange (EDI) functionalities, along with business intelligence (BI) reporting and integrations with external systems.

In May, APM Terminals (APMT) Mumbai finished installing Navis’ N4 solution to allow clients to better engage with the terminal.

N4 offers improved visibility into container tracking and truck turn times for improved planning, as well as support for container pick-up and drop-off.