Canden Marine Fuel Services has merged with Glander International Bunkering Group, effective from 1 June.

The move is expected to boost the company’s presence worldwide.

With the merger, Canden will be known as Glander International Bunkering (Montreal) and will be the ninth office in the global network.

Canden is a Canadian service provider that offers local bunker service expertise.

Canden Canada office sales manager Elza Adamyan said: “Moving into Glander International Bunkering will position us even stronger to meet demands and provide even higher levels of service for our clients. We are thrilled to integrate with Glander International Bunkering’s global teams of experts and long-term vision”.

With the merger, customers are expected to benefit from a ‘one-stop service’ for their bunkering and lubricant requirements around the world.

Additionally, they can access the advantages offered via large volume purchases along with local expertise from nine offices around the world.

Glander International Bunkering CEO Carsten Ladekjær added: “Glander International Bunkering has remained a strong business since its inception focusing on helping clients worldwide.

“With this expansion of our brand, we aim to combine our global leadership with Canden’s local expertise. Our move into Canada is exciting and will complement our North American bunkering operations and services effectively.”

The new office in Montreal in Canada will be Glander International Bunkering’s second North American location.

In 2016, Glander International Bunkering integrated its operations with Norway’s Scandinavian Bunkering.