China has launched its largest patrol vessel Haixun 09 that is expected to enhance the maritime traffic governance.

The vessel was constructed at China State Shipbuilding Corp‘s Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard. The construction started in May last year.

Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration will manage the vessel after it begins operations next year.

The ship’s chief construction engineer Yan Peibo said that the maritime safety patrol vessel is 165m long and has a displacement of 10,700t. It can travel at speeds over 25k.

Additionally, it can sail for over 18,520km at speeds of 16k and undertake journeys of over 90 days.

The vessel features helicopter landing pad and a data centre that is equipped with different satellite communication systems such as China’s Beidou Navigation Satellite System.

Maritime Safety Administration of China director Cao Desheng said that the vessel will increase the maritime traffic control and emergency support and protect the maritime interests of the country.

China is currently planning to expand the maritime patrol fleet to undertake long-range, deep-sea operations with the help of technological innovation.

Haixun 09 features a smart engine room system that can monitor the main propulsion system and power generators in real time.

Additionally, it is powered by low-sulphur fuel and is fitted with a system that can eliminate the nitrogen oxides found in engine exhaust.

Currently, China has three maritime safety patrol vessels that are in service and have a displacement of more than 3,000t.

In May, China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) subsidiary Cosco Shipping Ports completed a 5G-enabled, automated vehicle trial at China’s Port of Xiamen.

China also tested a homegrown electric cargo ship in water in Changzhou at the Yangtze River section.