Wartsila Voyage has reached a strategic tie-up with technology giant Microsoft to provide industrialised internet of things (IoT) for shipping through a scalable cyber-secure platform.

The company aims to achieve this by integrating with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge.

Under the partnership, Wartsila Voyage will work towards the installation of ‘streamlined’ Intelligent Edge technology.

This capability is expected to help fulfil the industry’s decarbonisation goals, as well as support the extensive application of autonomous technology.

Wartsila Voyage president and Wartsila executive vice-president Sean Fernback said: “The maritime world is entering the digital era, where mutualising our investments into common platforms and standards are a prerequisite to successful innovations for a more sustainable and efficient maritime industry.

“The Wartsila common platform will act as an enabler to deploy future technology for autonomy and emissions reduction. We want to focus our efforts on those fields with commonly shared standards that give vessels easier access to innovative solutions.”

Wartsila Voyage will be involved in the development of industrial remote operation capabilities, runtime and cybersecurity with active monitoring.

For facilitating cooperation between maritime stakeholders, the company will also focus on commonly shared data standards.

The Wartsila platform, through its remote operation capabilities, will provide quick access to the newest on-board solutions.

It will remotely offer updates, upgrades, asset commissioning and diagnostics for improving vessel uptime, deployment and maintenance.

For enhanced monitoring, security updates and asset management services, numerous Microsoft Security and IoT solutions will be incorporated into the Wartsila platform.

Through this project, Wartsila Voyage aims to establish an open development environment with standardised data formats, application programming interfaces (APIs), integrated systems and multi-layered cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the partnership will make way for developing autonomous capabilities.

Recently, Wartsila rolled out a new OPTI-DP Engagement Tool developed using applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling.