Containerships has completed its first simultaneous operations liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering on its Nord vessel at the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

During the process, the LNG-powered ship received around 200t of LNG.

The CMA CGM subsidiary said that the achievement would pave the way for the subsequent bunkering of LNG and execution of loading and unloading procedures.

The Simultaneous operations allow for goods to be loaded and unloaded at the same time as the bunkering of LNG. It also considerably reduces the requirement for ships to stay in the port while improving operational efficiency, resulting in reduced ships’ transit times.

Containerships carried out the simultaneous operations LNG bunkering in collaboration with its bunker supplier Shell, the Port of Rotterdam and the RST Terminal.

The company is now planning to carry out the ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation on other vessels, including Containerships Polar, sister ship of Nord.

LNG-powered ships can provide up to 25% fewer CO2 emissions, cut sulphur emissions and fine particles emissions by 99%, and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 85%.

CMA CGM is expected to take delivery of 20 LNG-powered vessels by 2022, including nine 22,000-TEU ships that are scheduled for delivery in 2020.

In January this year, Containerships carried out its first ship-to-ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering operation at lay bay berth at the Port of Rotterdam.

Last month, Containerships received Containerships Polar, its second LNG-powered vessel. It is 170m long, 27m wide and has a draft of almost 7m.